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San Javier

San Javier

It´s  the Third Mortuary of the Rocamer Group, it was inaugurated on December 28, 2016. Always characterizing ourselves for providing practical solutions in scenarios where delicacy in dealing with bereaved family members is essential.

It has modern facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology, to provide higher quality care. In a 900 m2 space, a variety of services are offered in the same Funeral Parlor. Our intention is to provide the best deal to ensure that the family’s stay is comfortable despite going through such difficult times. We defend transparent and clear management, of excellent quality in all the services offered.

You will be able to locate the room and/or service times of a deceased person by calling any of our telephone numbers:

The telephone 868606010 is working when there are services.

24h telephone: 619632466

Funeral Services
The necessary procedures for each death. The documentation of the court, health, church, cremation or burial, cemetery, thanatopraxia, embalming and that of national and international transfers. Hiring and publication of obituaries in the press at regional, local and social media levels.
A fleet of modern vehicles to carry out the corresponding transfers.
Special service for high quality flower arrangements.
From coffers, funeral urns, tombstones, jewelry for ashes.
Burial Policies
With unbeatable prices, the lowest in the market, underlining that the Rocamer Group performs services in its funeral homes and outside of them.

Our centre inside and outside


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